For Parents

Dear Parents, thank you for coming here.

You are your child’s best advocate and a teacher.

Before your child starts going to school, and the few first years of formal schooling is the time when you can help your child to become successful with all future studies.

In fact, you are already doing it – you are reading fairytales to your child, watching cartoons together, and discussing them.

Let’s talk about mathematics. If you have mixed feelings about your personal experience of studying mathematics, please hide them. For the sake of your child you will have to play the role of a person genuinely interested in mathematics. It is not too difficult – look in the mirror and smile. Please remember this expression and use it every time you ask your child to count or to solve a number problem. It also helps repeating “Oh, it is so beautiful, so interesting, so amazing” when you talk about mathematics.

I hope this web page will give you some ideas on how to talk with your child about mathematics in a playful and enjoyable way. The most important thing is to do it regularly. You read every day – make sure not a day goes by without a math conversation appropriate for your child’s age and interest.One count a day will take your child a long way – read “Mama, teach me to count” to see how.

Read Andrew’s stories to your child. You may even act out some of them – measuring shoes would be fun. If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me.

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